With its impressive achievements, Nobu Residences is being recognized as a prime example of the new generation of Branded Residences, thanks to the integration of bespoke services with consistent and sustainable core values.

From culinary excellence

Many are familiar with Robert De Niro – the silver screen superstar with numerous prestigious Oscar awards. Additionally, he is also a successful entrepreneur, co-founding Nobu alongside renowned chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa and veteran producer Meir Teper in 1994. Nobu is a high-end restaurant blending Japanese flavors with Peruvian inspiration

Diện mạo mới của bất động sản hàng hiệu - 1

Rendering of Nobu Danang building – Photo: VCRE

Dubbed by Fox News as the ‘celebrity hotspot,’ Nobu is a gathering place for a plethora of A-list celebrities, politicians, and public figures.

The sustained favoritism from a diverse group of high-end customers has helped Nobu prove that, with ample experience, affluent enthusiasts discern the superfluity of ostentation beyond the essentials. True luxury lies in the freedom to comfortably enjoy what lies within – something Nobu delivers through the expertise of its renowned founders, crafting bespoke services perfectly tailored to their own world.

“People are shocked that this Michelin-starred restaurant doesn’t have tablecloths, doesn’t need 20 different glasses. Nobu doesn’t need to be flashy. The focus is on the food,” shared Thomas Buckley, Head Chef at Nobu Miami in an interview with Forbes.

The culinary passion of its seasoned founders combined with quality and service exceeding expectations has swiftly propelled Nobu from a restaurant business into the realm of hospitality with the Nobu Hospitality brand, even confidently expanding into the real estate domain.

After 30 years, the ’empire’ of Nobu Hospitality comprises 77 restaurants, 41 hotels, and 12 luxury real estate projects spanning five continents, affirming its position as a lifestyle brand of its own. By owning a series of prime locations in the world’s most glamorous cities like Malibu, New York, London, Sydney, or Tokyo, Nobu has become synonymous with global luxury and sophistication.

At the core of this success lies a philosophy of sustainable business, harmonizing the exclusivity of the Western cinematic luxury world with the warmth of Eastern hospitality, bound together by meticulous, sophisticated, and comprehensive experiences for body, mind, and soul.

Above all, the brand creates a concept, a feeling of luxury from its essence, without ostentation, without effort, thanks to genuine connections with customers.

Enter the new era of luxury real estate

As the Nobu-branded residential project is launched, many industry experts remain intrigued about the outcome. However, the allure of Nobu, as they know it, has transcended beyond the realms of taste or mere hospitality.

The consistency in upholding core values has paved the way for bespoke services in Nobu Residences worldwide, elevating the experience and perception of customers, where every need is anticipated and met before it arises.

Nobu Residences Toronto has become one of the best-selling luxury properties in the past decade. Additionally, there was the deal for a record-breaking penthouse transaction worth $37.3 million in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates).

Salmon Sashimi new style - Picture of Nobu Restaurant Los Cabos, Cabo San Lucas - Tripadvisor

Sashimi salmon in the Nobu style – Photo: VCRE

The combination of luxury real estate intertwined with renowned restaurants only enhances the brand value. Not just a playground for traditional luxury hotel management brands, the new generation luxury real estate market, represented by Nobu, represents a convergence of essential experiences—taste, service, design, exclusivity—within prosperous focal points worldwide.

According to Savills research, culinary experiences are now the number one choice among elite individuals seeking sophisticated experiences.

Recently, on its journey to conquer Southeast Asia, Nobu Hospitality has partnered with real estate developer VCRE to create the first mixed-use complex: Nobu Residences Danang. Located at the iconic intersection of Vo Van Kiet and Vo Nguyen Giap, with a direct view of My Khe Beach, the allure of this project also stems from Da Nang itself—a city with a ‘dual nature,’ serving as both an international tourist destination and a vital administrative and economic center in Central Vietnam.

Diện mạo mới của bất động sản hàng hiệu - 3

The founders of Nobu: Robert De Niro – Nobu Matsuhisa – Meir Teper (from left) – Photo: VCRE

CEO Trevor Horwell of Nobu Hospitality acknowledges that Vietnam possesses a vast domestic market, making it a promising destination for Nobu Hospitality in Southeast Asia due to its youthful population and rapid economic development. The demand for high-quality, innovative services is no longer exclusive to financially stable individuals but is actively sought after by young citizens as well.

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