The Famous Culinary Monument that Captivates the Global Elite – Nobu, is About to Reach Vietnam

The Famous Culinary Monument that Captivates the Global Elite – Nobu, is About to Reach Vietnam

One of the best experiences of my life has been enjoying the high-class taste of the Nobu Hotel’s culinary empire. Under the delicate hands of culinary legend Nobuyuki Matsuhisa and the expert perspective of Hollywood ‘godfather’ Robert de Niro, Nobu is more than just food; it’s an inspiration!


The Nobu Restaurant Hotel brand, known as a superstar brand, only appears in major cities in the world, such as Los Angeles, London, and Dubai, making customers eager but not always able to reach it. After several months of booking, I also won a lucky ticket to explore this emotional restaurant chain in four countries: Nobu Dubai, Nobu Malibu, Nobu Santorini, and Nobu Manila.

Four restaurants are four completely different experiences. First, Nobu Dubai, located on the iconic Palm Jumeirah archipelago, has been voted by the Michelin Guide as one of the best restaurants in Dubai. If you ask Dubai residents about a restaurant frequented by the elite, they will mention Nobu first. Taking advantage of the classic curves typical of the richest emirate in the world, Nobu Dubai amazes with the level of luxury and splendor available only to the super-rich here.

See a “unique” appearance in the architecture of Nobu Dubai Restaurant.


Unlike Nobu Dubai, Nobu Malibu is a gathering place for Hollywood stars. Because on this quiet Malibu coast, there are many luxury homes, millionaires, business tycoons, and famous actors. Therefore, the opportunity to set foot in Nobu Malibu is what the world’s connoisseurs wish for.

Contrary to a lavish Dubai, Nobu Malibu shows up liberally.

One thing I have particularly noticed is that Nobu always appears in rare, prime locations in major centers of the world. Therefore, when you come here, you know exactly what to expect from this hotel brand. This is the only “exclusivity”! Located on the cliffs of Imerovagli, Nobu Santorini enjoys magnificent views of the island’s famous volcanic crater, a unique location for Greece. Although Nobu itself is a familiar Cycladic-style white limestone house, its stunning natural landscape and sundown illuminating the sea make it as prominent as any other global outpost.

The breath of nature is beautifully portrayed at Nobu Santorini.

The last Nobu restaurant I stopped at was Nobu Manila in the Philippines, very close to Vietnam. Nobu Manila is very reminiscent of the architecture of Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas; incidentally, they are also located next to the world’s major casinos. Nobu Manila has a luxurious, sophisticated, and oriental Zen-style space that is admired by Westerners. Tranquility and freedom are the feelings experienced by diners not only from the space factor but also from the culinary taste.

There are four Nobu restaurants, four locations, and four Japanese architectural styles that blend local characteristics, but all Nobu restaurants share a common level: high-quality service and a unique culinary taste.

Nobu Manila – Quiet and Separated


Who would have thought that 30 years later, a small restaurant in New York would eventually become an international symbol of Japan? Nobu Matsuhisa, a 74-year-old culinary genius, has turned sushi into a global phenomenon. Nobu’s followers are food lovers who praise Nobu’s inspiring artistic layout and harmonious dishes with rich textures and flavors. Dining at Nobu allows diners to experience the exquisite craftsmanship of Nobu, where he skillfully weaves a tapestry that blends Japanese technology and flavor into all dishes, such as the non-imitatable miso black cod, Nobu-style corn rolls, Nobu-style tacos, and Hamachi with jalapeno.

Not stopping at the dish, each ingredient is combined to become a masterpiece.

What makes Nobu connect with foodies is the validation of his “unique personality”. Nobu’s cuisine is the quintessence of Japan combined with the creation of unique ingredients from different countries, blended with the art of presentation to bring aesthetics and respect. In particular, Nobu is one of the luxury brands in the world that offers Chef’s Table service in a private dining space. Meals will be prepared and executed by seasoned chefs from the Nobu family, who will lead diners through each dish for the ultimate culinary experience.

The space and atmosphere of Nobu Restaurant are both exquisite and comfortable. The harmonious combination of Japanese style and local design, adequate lighting, spacious dining tables, and attentive service create an intimate but novel feeling for diners. For Matsushima, the true symbol of a successful restaurant is the laughter that fills the atmosphere, while Nobu has actually become a successful restaurant and hotel chain because all the stories surrounding it are about freedom and diversity.

Japanese Zen atmosphere with the main wood color right in Greece

And despite being present in many parts of the world, the staff and quality of service at Nobu are on a global level. Matsuhisa also spends 10 months each year visiting all 50 Nobu hotel restaurants across five continents to make sure his restaurants meet solid Nobu standards. Above all, what Nobu puts above all is building close relationships with customers and getting to know them, which makes Nobu’s customer care service different.

Besides, Nobu also has immutable rules to ensure the chain’s high service standards, such as not serving guests who do not reserve a table in advance and not accepting tables after 7 p.m. to ensure that the essence of ingredients is fully preserved during meals. The ingredients are kept intact when serving… The strict rules that Nobu maintains throughout its restaurant system are meant to be able to welcome special customers from around the world.

Recently, the news that Nobu may visit Vietnam in the near future has shocked the connoisseur world. I contacted VCRE, which brought Nobu back to Vietnam, and confirmed this information. With this good news, I believe that the super rich Vietnamese will no longer need to look forward to one day enjoying the taste of upper society from this gourmet monument!

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