On a journey spanning over 30 years, Nobu Hospitality has not only successfully established itself as a “global lifestyle icon” but also as a quintessential representative of the “new generation” in the branded real estate market.

A Hollywood of Hospitality

The world is well-acquainted with Robert De Niro, an actor celebrated for his Oscar-winning performances. However, not everyone knows that this acclaimed American actor and director is also a savvy businessman. Falling in love with the famed Black Cod Miso, De Niro teamed up with legendary chef Nobu Matsuhisa and veteran producer Meir Teper to create their own history. In 1994, the first Nobu restaurant was established in New York. Fifteen years later, Nobu Hospitality had blossomed into an empire with 77 restaurants, 40 hotels, and 12 branded residences worldwide.

Nobu in Singapore? Founder De Niro dishes out plans[From left to right] Meir Teper, Robert De Niro, and Nobu Matsuhisa – The renowned founders of Nobu – Photo Source: VCRE

The crux of this success lies in a brilliant business philosophy, blending the exclusivity of Western luxury cinema with the warmth of Eastern hospitality, offering meticulous, refined experiences that cater to body, mind, and spirit. From the brand’s warm welcome to personalized lifestyle recommendations by experts, Nobu ensures every guest feels like a true star, exuding effortless elegance.

Now, Vietnam marks Nobu Hospitality’s first foray into Southeast Asia with two high-end projects in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang.

“A New Generation” of Branded Residences

When discussing branded real estate, we often think of projects adorned with luxury logos, accompanied by hefty price tags and exclusive promises. Nobu, with its numerous locations in some of the world’s most glamorous cities such as Los Angeles, New York, London, and Tokyo, inherently defines global luxury and sophistication. It offers a sense of “freedom to be oneself at the pinnacle” to its elite clientele, wherever the brand is present.

The remarkable success of Nobu Residences Toronto, becoming one of the best-selling branded residential projects of the past decade, once again highlights Nobu’s ability to exponentially enhance brand value by merging luxury assets with renowned restaurants.

No longer just the playground of traditional luxury hotel brands, the new generation of branded real estate represented by Nobu is being solidified through the synergy of top-notch culinary experiences, services, and design in prime locations worldwide. This golden formula has also earned Nobu, and chef Nobu Matsuhisa himself, a place among the elite chefs who own branded residences, such as Dani Garcia, Wolfgang Puck, Romain Fornell, Gordon Ramsay, and Giorgio Locatelli.

“Dual Identity” and Strategic Choice

For the Nobu Residence Danang project, the vision of the dynamic developer VCRE and the globally renowned management brand Nobu Hospitality extends beyond its prime location at the iconic intersection of Vo Van Kiet and Vo Nguyen Giap, facing the stunning My Khe beach – one of the top six most charming beaches in the world. The allure of this project also comes from Da Nang itself – a city with a “dual identity,” serving both as an international tourist destination and a significant administrative and economic center in central Vietnam.

My Khe Beach in Da Nang - The latest discovery experience 2022

The “dual identity” advantage – a resort capital and an economic hub – underscores Da Nang’s unique position. Photo Source: VCRE

“With the first Nobu project in Da Nang, we are proud to bring a completely new level of high-end dining and globally renowned luxury lifestyle experiences to the Vietnamese market,” affirmed Mr. Lam Vo, CEO of VCRE.

At Nobu Residence Danang, not only does the prime location stand out, but the 186-meter height and smart floor design also offer priceless panoramic views from the city to the sea for all 264 units. Additionally, the impressive design, resembling a fan gracefully unfolding against the majestic natural backdrop, harnesses the essence of the land and sky, promising to become one of the new iconic architectural masterpieces in Vietnam’s most livable city.

Nobu Danang | Bất động sản Bản Việt (VCRE)

Nobu Residence Danang marks the entry of Hollywood’s hospitality manager, Nobu Hospitality, into Vietnam – Photo Source: VCRE

As Southeast Asia’s first branded residence managed and operated by Nobu Hospitality, Nobu Residence Danang also features the renowned Nobu restaurant and superior amenities adhering to “Nobu” standards. This is sure to be one of the most anticipated projects of 2024, not only in Da Nang but also attracting the attention of global branded real estate investors and enthusiasts.

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